Site development

Whether your needs are site acquisition, zoning, A&E or full turnkey, CSI has the experienced professionals to provide unparalleled service allowing our clients to stay on the cutting edge of the telecom industry. We have experts in all areas of real estate including licensed brokers and attorneys to assist in every aspect of your build-out, including complicated zoning ordinances and difficult lease negotiations.

Site Development Services            

  • • Market Analysis                       
  • • Site Surveys
  • • Site Audits
  • • Lease Audits
  • • Site Leasing / Amendments
  • • Entitlement (Zoning & Permitting)
  • • Regulatory (Filings & Compliance)

site development CSI site development CSI site development CSI site development CSI

Site Acquisition:

Our Site Acquisition team consists of dedicated professionals experienced in all areas of Site Acquisition from pre-qualifying rings and site identification to lease acquisition and permit applications. The Site Acquisition Services Included: pre-qualification; site Identification; title ordering, review and curing defects; constructability review; lease negotiations; site audits; site modifications; lease amendments; A&E coordination; lease auditing and abstracting.


CSI's Zoning Team can provide experienced zoning specialists and attorneys for your special needs or can coordinate with our Site Acquisition Agents to provide you with comprehensive services. The Zoning Services Included: Attending meetings with jurisdictions; developing solutions for difficult zoning areas; Preparing sophisticated zoning applications; Attend hearings/neighborhood meetings; tracking and managing of filing deadlines and hearing dates; researching zoning ordinances; conducting site walks; preparing zoning feasibility analysis; preparing permit applications; coordinating testimony; due diligence support.

A & E and Environmental Services:

Working with our partners, CSI will provide your project with expert A&E and environmental services that will allow a coordinated approach to your network development needs. Our A&E and Environmental Services include everything from site walks to FAA filings.