Technical Services

The technical services division offers a broad range of services for wireless sites.  We offer all technical services related to installation, antennas and lines, implementation, commissioning and testing of wireless base stations, transport, DC & AC power plants, batteries and rectifiers.  We also rely on our technicians to maintain and repair these cell site components.

Our Technicians are experienced in Ericsson, Motorola, Alcatel Lucent, Nortel, NSN, Argus, Peco II Inc. and Lorain equipment with in-depth knowledge of CDMA, TDMA, UMTS, GSM, iDEN, IPBTS, AMPS technologies.

  • • Radio Base Station installation, commissioning, integration and maintenance.
  • • Antenna and line system installation, testing, optimization and maintenance.
  • • Antenna azimuth, and tilt adjustment.
  • • Antenna remote electrical tilt (RET) system installation, configuration and maintenance.
  • • Tower mapping.
  • • Temporally antenna system design and installation.
  • • Microwave radio installation and testing.
  • • Line of site/path analysis surveys.
  • • T1/Fiber interconnecting systems installation.
  • • Temporally microwave system design and installation.
  • • Generator equipment installation
  • • Electrical engineering support.
  • • Certified general electrician with C-10 license.
  • • Ability to purchase or sub-rent specialty equipment
  • • Battery and power systems (low voltage) installation, test and maintenance.
  • • AC (high voltage) systems design, installation, upgrades and maintenance.
  • • Microcell, IPBTS/NanoBTS and indoor repeater systems installation.

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